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Woman receiving ultrasound on her neck

X-ray Vision: How to Get the Best Radiology Services

Ever marvel at how much better a new cell phone’s camera is compared to your old cell phone? That’s a window into why the latest Radiology equipment makes a difference.

We are constantly upgrading our technology at CHI St. Alexius Health Williston because advanced and comprehensive Radiology services are essential to providing our community with the best possible health care.

Not all Radiology services are the same, and you may not realize you have choices. Read on for information about how CHI St. Alexius Health Williston has invested in our Radiology department, plus questions you can ask to make sure you’re getting the best services.

Digital Radiography

We have the latest digital technology, which offers better and clearer images with higher resolution. Our images are also immediate – your provider can pull up an X-ray on their computer screen as soon as the image is taken. We also do specialized studies, such as scoliosis and long leg length studies.

Ask: Do you do digital radiography? How old is your equipment? Do you do any specialized studies?

Orthopedics Expertise

Our radiographic technologists understand the various views that orthopedic specialists require. Here at CHI St. Alexius Williston we offer a wide variety of orthopedic services and can send images electronically to specialists throughout the state as requested. Our flexible schedule – 7 am to 11:30 pm Monday through Friday – makes it possible to easily accommodate your needs.

Ask: Do your technologists have orthopedic expertise? Can you send images electronically?

3D Mammograms

We have the latest 3D mammography equipment, which provides greater accuracy for at-risk women. Our mammogram technologists was raised in the area, treats you like family and our equipment and radiologists are accredited by the American College of Radiology – the highest standard in the industry. If needed, we also have comprehensive follow-up services on site, including biopsy and ultrasound imaging, and breast surgery using Magseed and Magtrace.

Ask: Do you do 3D mammograms? Can you provide follow-up care if an abnormality is detected? Is your mammogram technologists accredited?


Our MRI provides the highest quality images and easy access. It has a big bore which is 10 cm bigger, so people with larger bodies don’t feel as claustrophobic. It also has respiratory bellows technology which improves image quality by adjusting for chest breathing. We have an MRI-safe wheelchair and can provide oxygen during your MRI. We can also do arthrograms (injections) with your MRI. We try to accommodate all patients, including those concerned about a weight limit. Our MRI services are available seven days a week, with early mornings on weekdays and Saturday and Sunday hours.

Ask: How old is your MRI? Does it have a big bore? Can you accommodate oxygen or a wheelchair? Can you do injections? What is your weight limit?

CT Scan

Our CT equipment has been recently upgraded. Because we’re located within a full-service hospital, we can do premedication for people who have a potential contrast allergy (steroid or Benadryl 12 hours before CT). We also perform Cardiac CTs to check for calcification in addition to stroke and trauma. CTs and specialized coronary studies are available for outpatients Monday through Friday.

Ask: When did you last update your CT machine? Can you do premedication if I have a contrast allergy? Can you perform specialized coronary studies?

Nuclear Medicine

We provide a full complement of nuclear medicine studies, including cardiac stress tests, bone scans and gallbladder scans.

Ask: How old is your nuclear medicine equipment? What kinds of tests do you do?


We’ve recently upgraded our equipment, including the latest Phillips probe. We also have a cardiac ultrasound tech who only does cardiac ultrasounds. We offer a full complement of general ultrasounds including OB.

Ask: When did you last upgrade your ultrasound? Do you have technologists who only do cardiac ultrasounds?


We are the only facility offering DEXA scans in Williston. The DEXA scan is a painless, 5-minute procedure that uses a low dose x-ray to see how dense/strong your bones are so your provider can determine if you have bone loss or are at risk for osteoporosis. Our machine is set up to scan anyone age 20 and older.

We’re proud to provide our community with the most advanced Radiology services. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to a member of our team. Keep in mind, you can ask your provider to send your preferred Radiology service provider.

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