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Stay ahead of colon cancer

5 Savvy Tips for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

The second leading cancer killer in the U.S.? That’s colorectal cancer, or cancer of the colon or rectum. It affects both men and women of all racial and ethnic groups – and is most often found in people age 50 or older. 

Just because it most often affects older people doesn’t mean you should ignore this cancer in your younger years. Read on for five savvy tips that can keep you steps ahead of colorectal cancer.

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stack of brochures, files and documents, on mess desktop, monitor of pc in background that needs organizing

Organizing Is Time Well Spent

I’m not one to set forth a New Year’s resolution; however, in 2023 I do hope to do more organizing at home and in the office. Merriam-Webster defines the verb “organize” as “to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole” and “to set up an administrative structure” or “arrange by systematic planning.”  The concept…

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Three children walking down the street, each wearing a brightly colored backpack.

Healthy Backpack Habits

A backpack is one of the best ways to tote homework, but an overloaded or improperly worn backpack will get a failing grade.  Worn correctly and not overloaded, a backpack is supported by some of the strongest muscles in the body: the back and abdominal muscles. They work together to stabilize the trunk and hold…

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